перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • chou
  • pilfer
  • snarf
  • hook
  • filch
  • swipe
  • sneak
  • pinch
  • purloin
  • nobble
  • abstract
  • lift

інші переклади

  • капуста cabbage cauliflower cole green
  • кочанная капуста cabbage
  • шпаргалка crib cabbage trot cab pony
  • пустое место blank nothing nonentity gap nobody cabbage
  • котелоный cabbage
  • котелок bowler pot kettle bowler hat derby cabbage
  • капустный cabbage
  • завиваться кочаном cabbage
  • утаивать обрезки материи cabbage
  • воровать steal pilfer thieve mooch plunder cabbage
  • прикарманивать pocket pouch cabbage abstract knock down
  • пользоваться шпаргалкой cab cabbage crib


  • Add the onion, paprika, bay leaves, cabbage , carrot and potatoes.
  • The pie was packed with lean meat and came with a separate and very hot dish of vegetables (carrots, white cabbage and broccoli).
  • In what may have been the key sequence of the day, his approach landed a few yards from the pin, but bounced hard, and settled in the cabbage behind the green.
  • Next, fill your plate with cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage , broccoli, cauliflower and kale.
  • Studies show cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage , broccoli and Brussels sprouts have anti-cancer properties, especially when minimally cooked.

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