перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • at all
  • in the least
  • to any extent
  • in/to any degree
  • a single one
  • one
  • even one
  • some
  • a piece of
  • a part of
  • a bit of

інші переклади

  • будь-який any anybody anyone each whichever whichsoever
  • всякий any everyone anyone everybody anybody
  • котрий which who what some others any
  • ніхто no one nobody none anyone anybody any
  • скільки-небудь any anything
  • усякий any everyone anyone anybody everybody
  • що-небудь something anything any
  • дещо something some any
  • котрий-небудь some any
  • ніщо nothing anything none any neither
  • хто-небудь someone somebody anybody anyone any either
  • взагалі in general at all generally altogether any considering
  • загалом in general on the whole altogether totally all in all any
  • ніскільки none any by no means not a whit nix
  • ніяк any never anyhow nohow noway noways
  • ще yet even more another else any
  • знову again back newly over next any
  • зовсім completely at all altogether utterly wholly any
  • абиякий any nugacious one-horse
  • всякий any all omnifarious
  • ніякий no any neither no one none
  • усякий any all omnifarious
  • який-небудь any all
  • будь-який any every all which whatever either
  • перший-ліпший any


  • There had never been any disputing about these jobs as long as Howard had been with them.
  • Sam didn’t have any right to pry into whether there was anything between Fragile and Higgs right now.
  • ‘Then I will do nothing for you, nor for any other.
  • “We didn’t actually take anything, and it’s foolish to hold us here any longer than necessary.
  • Especially not as they waited for Eris to appear at any moment.
  • It had still only been a few hours since she had died, and it didn’t look like any of the accelerated necrosis that Deadman was worrying about had occurred.
  • They were beautiful by any human standard, with fine faces and slender limbs.
  • ”Dobbs, not being in any better mood than his partner, said: “The Indians usually don’t act this way.
  • But as you can’t see them anywhere else, I’ll lay you any bet that they are right on the road up here.
  • “I hope he isn’t asking them any questions about us.
  • Most of the lists were printed on white cotton goods because they were examined so frequently and so nervously that those printed on paper did not last long, and they had to last for a year, since premiums were payable any time inside of twelve months after the drawing.

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