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  • attractive
  • pretty
  • handsome
  • good-looking
  • alluring
  • prepossessing
  • lovely
  • charming
  • delightful
  • appealing
  • engaging
  • winsome
  • ravishing
  • gorgeous
  • stunning
  • arresting
  • glamorous
  • bewitching
  • beguiling
  • graceful
  • elegant
  • exquisite
  • aesthetic
  • artistic
  • decorative
  • magnificent
  • divine
  • drop-dead gorgeous
  • easy on the eye
  • killer
  • cute
  • foxy
  • beauteous
  • comely
  • fair

інші переклади

  • вродливий handsome beautiful personable bonny good-looking nice-looking
  • красивий beautiful pretty handsome fine seemly clever
  • лепський fine nice handsome beautiful agreeable
  • прекрасний beautiful fine splendid beauteous delicious admirable
  • приємний pleasant nice enjoyable acceptable pleasing beautiful
  • розкішний luxurious sumptuous splendid palatial beautiful large
  • чудовий excellent remarkable wonderful fine beautiful superb


  • And so they did what their people had always done before Death’s beautiful face.
  • She breathed in the heady, beautiful scent, and sighed.
  • I’m just gonna make them more beautiful than they are.
  • ”Cassian pulled away to scan her beautiful face, as familiar to him as his own.
  • It’s a beautiful home, with its loftlike openness and perfectly scaled bedrooms.
  • In the moonlight, before the silvered lake, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.
  • A rainbow drew a beautiful arc over the ridge.
  • CHAPTER6Each series of steps and movements Cassian went through was beautiful and lethal and precise, and it was all Nesta could do to not gawk.
  • She followed Cassian into the beautiful house, barely noting the round table in the heart of the entry, crowned with a massive vase full of freshly cut flowers.
  • Trill knew that the truck was going to be hot and keeping the beautiful machine would not be an option.
  • Nesta half-heard it, waiting for the sound, the perfect, beautiful sound, to begin again.

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