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  • attractiveness
  • prettiness
  • good looks
  • comeliness
  • allure
  • loveliness
  • charm
  • appeal
  • eye-appeal
  • heavenliness
  • winsomeness
  • grace
  • elegance
  • exquisiteness
  • splendor
  • magnificence
  • grandeur
  • impressiveness
  • decorativeness
  • gorgeousness
  • glamour
  • beauteousness
  • pulchritude

інші переклади

  • врода beauty handsomeness
  • краса beauty handsomeness delight amenities queen dear
  • красуня beauty belle lovely
  • привабливість attractiveness appeal attraction charm pull beauty
  • прикраса decoration garnish ornament adornment embellishment beauty
  • принада bait lure attraction beauty draw decoy
  • розкіш luxury magnificence beauty fleshpots of Egypt
  • робити красивим beauty


  • I am not a beauty.
  • She could have sworn he was subtly scratching himself whenever she turned away to admire the sheer beauty and peace of the Spring Court forest.
  • Instead of being shown the beauty of this religion, they had been shown only the cruelest and the bloodiest and the most repulsive parts of it.
  • The silent beauty of this place deserves our respect.
  • ‘The beauty of my gift to you, T’Varr, is that no one will ever know.
  • A permanent marker of the beauty and good he’d tried to bring into the world.
  • She, herself, had been struck so many times by the virgin beauty of this world.
  • ”She stroked a thumb over his cheekbone, marveling at him—the words and his beauty.
  • She will be an asset on the marriage market for us one day, if that beauty holds, but it will be our own maneuverings, Nesta, not hers, that win us an advantageous match.
  • ”—Barbara Taylor Sissel, bestselling author of The Truth We Bury and What Lies Below“With a touch of the paranormal, All the Breaking Waves is an emotional story about lost love, family secrets, and finding beauty in things people fear .
  • Nesta smiled in greeting and left them blinking, but she forgot them within a moment because the stars, the stars, the stars …She hadn’t realized that such beauty existed in the world.

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