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  • honeybee
  • bumblebee
  • killer bee
  • queen (bee)
  • worker (bee)
  • drone

інші переклади

  • бджола bee apis
  • допомога сусідам bee
  • спільна робота bee


  • There will be an emergency quilting bee to make them a wedding quilt tomorrow at the Torger's house, but only certain families are being asked to come.
  • Even accounting for native bee pollinators, honeybees still do most of the pollinating of fruits and vegetables in your garden.
  • The old-time quilting bee is well remembered, although most quilts were actually solo products.
  • A bee flying home typically pauses at the entrance while a guard bee checks her chemical credentials as a nest mate.
  • As this type of bee is very important for flower pollination, I think my botanically-inclined readers will enjoy learning more.

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