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  • occupied
  • engaged
  • involved
  • employed
  • working
  • hard at work
  • rushed off one's feet
  • hard-pressed
  • swamped
  • up to one's neck
  • on the job
  • absorbed
  • engrossed
  • immersed
  • preoccupied
  • (as) busy as a bee
  • on the go
  • hard at it
  • occupy
  • involve
  • engage
  • concern
  • absorb
  • engross
  • immerse
  • preoccupy
  • distract
  • divert

інші переклади

  • діловитий active serious busy practical
  • діяльний active busy abuzz rash operose humming
  • завізний occupied busy
  • зайнятий busy occupied engaged concerned booked in work
  • клопітний troublesome importunate anxious busy
  • надокучливий tiresome intrusive boring boresome interfering busy
  • напружливий busy


  • We tried to call but the phone line was busy and we really need you in there today as a guide.
  • I'm busy with other things at the moment
  • He bowed, took a step, and vanished into a busy street full of pedestrians.
  • The thatched bar, nestled in a tiny village of about 12 houses, has already enjoyed a busy year.
  • Hulse will be the first to put pen to paper but other arrivals are expected and there will be departures too as Blackwell wheels and deals during a busy summer.

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