перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • only
  • just
  • simply
  • merely
  • no more than
  • nothing but
  • a mere
  • yet
  • nevertheless
  • nonetheless
  • even so
  • however
  • still
  • notwithstanding
  • despite that
  • in spite of that
  • for all that
  • all the same
  • just the same
  • though
  • although
  • except (for)
  • apart from
  • other than
  • besides
  • aside from
  • with the exception of
  • bar
  • excepting
  • excluding
  • leaving out
  • save (for)
  • saving

інші переклади

  • за винятком except save but excepting barring outside
  • крім except but besides beyond save beside
  • заперечення denial objection opposition negative protest but
  • аджеж well then but
  • же the same but and as for
  • зате but on the other hand
  • крім but than save saving
  • но but only
  • щоб не lest but
  • але but yet only still
  • однак however but yet albeit howsoever
  • якби не but except for
  • проте but however nevertheless yet albeit still
  • та and but
  • зовні outside outwardly externally on the outside without but
  • ледве barely hardly scarcely narrowly but some
  • тільки only just but alone merely exclusively


  • Mick Nolan kept a clean sheet but he had the advantage of a superb back sextet in front of him.
  • and who but a fool would do that?
  • this is one principle, but it is not the only one
  • Nobody, but Nobody, knows Mauritius like we do!
  • I'm sorry but that's wrong

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