перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • tin can
  • aluminum can
  • canister
  • spray can
  • garbage can
  • trash can
  • fire
  • dismiss
  • ax
  • let go
  • lay off
  • sack

інші переклади

  • посадити у в'язницю lock up can
  • звільнити stand off pension off give the bird can exorcise
  • консервувати preserve conserve tin can cure pack
  • могти be able can may
  • припинити pack up give over can
  • здужати be able can have the power overcome subdue be well
  • розливати в бідони can
  • бляшаня банка can
  • відерце can
  • каністра canister can jerry can
  • коробка для кіноплівки can
  • телефонні навушники can
  • урна urn ballot box can
  • банка консервів can
  • жбан pitcher jug can
  • кухоль mug jug pot can
  • холодна can nick calaboose
  • бідон can water can pan
  • ящик для сміття dustbin can
  • бляшанка can tin cannikin
  • в'язниця prison jail gaol penitentiary pound can
  • консервний tin can


  • These mountain trails make the way ten times longer, winding round and round and going up and down as if they would never end; and if in the evening you look behind, it seems as if you can almost spit at the place you left in the morning.
  • ”“Commandant Grund can open a portal,” said Rew, “and you’re right.
  • “I’m sure it feels like it,” said Rew, “but I can assure you, it’s anchored tightly to the mountain.
  • “I don’t know what I can do to encourage them,” Nesta said.
  • I need a few hours before I can address Jon.
  • ”“You can catch up when you’re on your feet tomorrow,” jested Zaine, though no one laughed.
  • We can pack that place with gear that would make Grips drool.
  • Maybe you believed it yourself, but I can see more clearly into your soul than you can.
  • I want to be able to have the kids stay over—’‘They can stay over here,’ says Dan, thinking of Howard, of what Howard would say.
  • I’ve seen it—I’ve seen what you can do when you are willing to fight for the people you love.
  • ”When they had stepped aside, Dobbs spoke up: “Look here, Howy, I don’t think we can get out of this.

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