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  • feline
  • tomcat
  • tom
  • kitten
  • mouser
  • alley cat
  • pussy (cat)
  • puss
  • kitty
  • furball
  • grimalkin
  • be sick
  • disgorge
  • spue
  • purge
  • spew
  • cast
  • barf
  • chuck
  • vomit
  • throw up
  • upchuck
  • sick
  • puke
  • regorge
  • honk
  • regurgitate
  • retch

інші переклади

  • кат executioner cat hangman butcher hanger headman
  • кіт cat tomcat gib
  • кішка cat grapnel gib grappling
  • мурлика cat
  • пліткарка scandalmonger cat
  • повія prostitute whore harlot streetwalker strumpet cat
  • тварина родини котячих cat
  • уїдлива людина cat


  • He was a cool cat from Tilden Houses and had gone to Jeff High too.
  • “The cat is out of the bag.
  • He’d bounded back upstairs, ignoring the Puerto Rican cat who was watching the door, his eyes scanning the store for Farad.
  • Tell you a secret, believe it or not, but I’m an oldtimer and I know a cat when I see one, and I tell you I’ve got the feeling oil is going on the rocks hereabouts, maybe in the whole goddamned republic.
  • The camp-site was flooded with moonlight, so that even a cat could not have crossed it without being seen.
  • “Over here,” the cat named Dreamer directed him.
  • That cat was bugged.
  • I wanna sink them niggahs plottin’ on him, man, because he’s a down cat for real, ya know?
  • Dan’s expecting a cat video or a news story, something to provoke emotion either way.
  • He knew Taylor came from one of those rich-niggah families from upstate New York, but the cat had mad street credibility and his swagger and shine came off as truly official.
  • ”“Nah,” the short cat answered.

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