перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • commemorate
  • observe
  • mark
  • keep
  • honor
  • remember
  • memorialize

інші переклади

  • виспівати glorify celebrate
  • звеличувати exalt extol glorify aggrandize celebrate glory
  • оспівувати chant celebrate carol
  • правити церковну службу celebrate
  • прославляти glorify praise celebrate laud apotheosize emblazon
  • святкувати celebrate commemorate observe fete rejoice solemnize
  • справляти keep celebrate make produce arrange hold
  • урочисто відзначати celebrate


  • It was an intimate affair by industry standards, but Chase had booked the entire restaurant to celebrate his and Dakota’s marriage.
  • Today, we come together to celebrate the birth of a new nation.
  • Their town had been attacked, but they had survived, and they would celebrate.
  • Flames erupted overhead as if to celebrate the man’s awakening, and the spider’s web began to go up in an inferno.
  • He’s skilled enough that he got placed on a scouting unit to the continent—and just returned to celebrate his accomplishment, apparently.
  • She then ordered a sundae to celebrate and insisted they share.

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