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  • sure
  • confident
  • positive
  • convinced
  • in no doubt
  • satisfied
  • assured
  • persuaded

інші переклади

  • безсумнівний undoubted doubtless sure indubitable certain positive
  • відомий known prominent noted notorious reputed certain
  • вірний true faithful correct loyal certain trusty
  • впевнений assured certain
  • деякий certain
  • достовірний authentic credible certain veracious
  • надійний reliable safe dependable trusty durable certain
  • незмінний constant immutable permanent unchangeable invariable certain
  • один one alone certain only-begotten
  • певний certain definite fixed set sure confident
  • переконаний convinced certain satisfied confirmed earnest out-and-out
  • постійний constant permanent regular standing steady certain
  • упевнений confident sure assured convinced certain secure


  • As a male I have never been able to understand why a certain variety of my own sex cannot take defeat by a woman.
  • I'm not trying to sound like a saint, but we take for granted that we are healthy and able to live a certain way.
  • For every advanced feature added, I increasingly expect to be able to do certain things.
  • His job is not to convince them to vote for him on Tuesday in the first ballot - he is almost certain to win that vote.
  • I'm absolutely certain I saw him

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