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  • professorship
  • preside over
  • take the chair of
  • lead
  • direct
  • run
  • manage
  • control
  • be in charge of

інші переклади

  • бути головою chair
  • обирати головою chair
  • саджати plant put seat chair bed
  • очолювати lead head chair manage captain
  • піднімати й нести chair
  • посадити на трон chair
  • голова head chairman president chief chair noggin
  • головування presidency chairmanship chair presidentship
  • посада професора chair
  • стілець chair stool seat tabouret
  • кафедра chair cathedra pew dais
  • професура professorship professorate chair professoriate
  • суддівство refereeing chair system
  • крісло chair armchair
  • посада судді magistracy chair
  • місце головуючого chair
  • місце свідка на суді chair


  • I served on the Board as chair of the Community Health section and for two terms as secretary of the Association.
  • to chair a meeting
  • When the Mexican chair of the meeting declared the talks formally closed there were whoops of delight from the African delegates.
  • As Lord Cloncurry was departing, there was an universal cry to chair him into town, and he was surrounded for that purpose by a large group of gentlemen near the gate of the Old Man's Hospital.
  • Tomlinson was appointed to the CPB by Bill Clinton and elected chair of its board in September 2003.

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