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  • alteration
  • modification
  • variation
  • revision
  • amendment
  • adjustment
  • adaptation
  • remodeling
  • reshaping
  • rearrangement
  • reordering
  • restyling
  • reworking
  • metamorphosis
  • transformation
  • evolution
  • mutation
  • transmogrification
  • alter
  • make/become different
  • adjust
  • adapt
  • amend
  • modify
  • revise
  • refine
  • reshape
  • refashion
  • redesign
  • restyle
  • revamp
  • rework
  • remodel
  • reorganize
  • reorder
  • vary
  • transform
  • transfigure
  • transmute
  • metamorphose
  • evolve
  • tweak
  • doctor
  • rejig
  • permute

інші переклади

  • варіювати vary change alternate run mad be distracted do foolish things
  • відмінити change alter nix
  • змінити change alter exchange
  • перемінити change replace transform alter convert into vary
  • пересідати change tranship transship
  • поміняти change barter
  • розмінювати exchange change
  • відмінювати conjugate change alter
  • змінювати change alter switch replace transform interchange
  • перемінитися change be transformed be altered
  • пересісти change
  • помінятися change exchange
  • розмінюватися change exchange
  • змінюватися change alter veer spell relay
  • переодягатися change
  • повернути return turn get back work round change
  • псуватися spoil go bad decay corrupt addle change
  • розміняти change wreck
  • міняти change vary exchange switch swap trade
  • переробляти remodel adapt re-do work over alter change
  • повертати return turn repay restore reimburse change
  • мінятися change vary swap shift exchange switch
  • обмінювати exchange barter change trade off truck
  • обмінюватися exchange interchange change reciprocate dicker bandy
  • біржа exchange change
  • відміна abolition withdrawal abolishment defeasance reversal change
  • дрібні гроші change pocket money
  • перелом fracture change break rupture cataclysm veer
  • пересадка transplantation transfer change transplanting
  • поворот turn turning bend change turning point turnabout
  • різноманітність variety diversity diversification multiplicity manifold change
  • заміна substitute replacement substitution change exchange commutation
  • переміна change transformation alteration variation
  • розмін exchange change
  • здача surrender dealing change capitulation
  • зміна change changing shift alteration alternation exchange


  • But to where that would change anything?
  • A few gold pieces, silver, a few coins, and small change.
  • Those that can change may change themselves without intention, for this universe I have made is altered by your presence alone.
  • Action always makes change.
  • It’s more than old enough to know things might change back, one day.
  • Humanity goes around recording and sharing our past to help us predict our future, and because of that we just assume that we can change our destiny.
  • Gwyn marked the change.
  • There came a day when the man needed badly a quick change of climate for some reason or other.
  • Supper over, and having had a good long rest on a bench on the plaza, Dobbs thought it would be a good idea to have some ready change in his pocket, because you never know what may happen.
  • He started to get out only to change his mind.
  • ”“Don’t change the subject,” Cassian drawled.

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