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  • pursuer

інші переклади

  • винищувач destroyer exterminator chaser
  • суднова гармата chaser
  • гравер engraver etcher carver chaser
  • карбувальник chaser caulker
  • морський мисливець chaser
  • нарізувач chaser
  • переслідувач persecutor pursuer chaser baiter


  • A prize of £200,000 goes to the overall champion, plus £50,000 for the top chaser and £50,000 for the top hurdler.
  • Carl Llewellyn has been singing his praises - a novice chaser for the future.
  • After witnessing the warm reception that the horse received coming into the winner's enclosure, co-owner Paul Barber paid tribute to the veteran chaser .
  • He thought about buying a whisky chaser to go with the beer but decided against it.
  • ‘Oscar Brunel is a very nice horse and a chaser in the making,’ said his trainer, Pat Doyle.

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