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  • intelligent
  • bright
  • smart
  • astute
  • sharp
  • quick-witted
  • shrewd
  • talented
  • gifted
  • brilliant
  • capable
  • able
  • competent
  • apt
  • educated
  • learned
  • knowledgeable
  • wise
  • brainy
  • clueful
  • savvy

інші переклади

  • вправний proficient clever deft cunning skilful good
  • здібний capable able apt cunning fit clever
  • зручний comfortable convenient easy handy comfy clever
  • кмітливий clever intelligent cute quick nimble sagacious
  • красивий beautiful pretty handsome fine seemly clever
  • обдарований gifted endowed talented presented clever capable
  • розумний reasonable intelligent clever wise rational sensible
  • гарної статури clever clean-limbed
  • талановитий talented gifted clever endowed crackajack crackerjack
  • тямущий clever smart bright capable wise comprehensive
  • умілий skillful skilful capable able efficient clever


  • “I see I have to deal with a very clever business man who knows good animals when he sees them.
  • He snarled, debating whether he could rip out of Azriel’s arms, but the hold Az had on him was too clever.
  • ‘No one would doubt you’re usually a clever and insightful man, Baros Tsen, but sometimes you’re an idiot.
  • And so I came with my dear friends here to find out if perhaps one of you, having read all the clever books written by great men, might know what is the matter with my boy who fell into the river, not very wide, but right now very deep.
  • Lice are a clever lot and shun bad blood as your husband shuns bad tequila.
  • How clever do you feel now?
  • “He is a clever one.
  • Because, Liang thought ruefully, she’s actually clever.
  • You were trying to be clever and you messed it up, but hey, you tried to stop it.
  • Don Manuel was too clever to be caught so easily.
  • So very very clever trapping Mai’Choiro so many times and in so many ways.

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