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  • intelligent
  • bright
  • smart
  • astute
  • sharp
  • quick-witted
  • shrewd
  • talented
  • gifted
  • brilliant
  • capable
  • able
  • competent
  • apt
  • educated
  • learned
  • knowledgeable
  • wise
  • brainy
  • clueful
  • savvy

інші переклади

  • вправний proficient clever deft cunning skilful good
  • здібний capable able apt cunning fit clever
  • зручний comfortable convenient easy handy comfy clever
  • кмітливий clever intelligent cute quick nimble sagacious
  • красивий beautiful pretty handsome fine seemly clever
  • обдарований gifted endowed talented presented clever capable
  • розумний reasonable intelligent clever wise rational sensible
  • гарної статури clever clean-limbed
  • талановитий talented gifted clever endowed crackajack crackerjack
  • тямущий clever smart bright capable wise comprehensive
  • умілий skillful skilful capable able efficient clever


  • It reminds you how clever , how witty, how well thought out the song is.
  • How clever of you to have worked out at this late date that my name is Scott.
  • The art of the quick retort, the clever reply, the sharp tongue are things many of us wish we had more of.
  • However, while this approach is clever at first, it wears out its welcome before the film reaches its conclusion.
  • As far as the local cat population in Elstow is concerned, how clever of them to wait until Mr Suter is away on holiday before they decide to devastate his garden.

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