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  • overcoat
  • jacket
  • cover
  • paint
  • glaze
  • varnish
  • wash
  • surface
  • veneer
  • laminate
  • plate
  • face
  • daub
  • smear
  • cake
  • plaster

інші переклади

  • крити cover roof coat
  • покривати cover coat pay off clothe discharge mantle
  • обличковувати coat brick
  • пальто coat overcoat topcoat greatcoat tog
  • халат robe coat dressing gown overall banian nightgown
  • піджак jacket coat
  • шар layer coat bed stratum ply slice


  • Her coat …“Your coat is on the ground by the front door,” he said.
  • She puts down her purse and bag and removes her lab coat.
  • A coat of salt-tolerant grasses and spiky, semi-aquatic bushes covered over the flats as they drew nearer to land.
  • For months he had not owned a waistcoat, nor a coat.
  • “This one is for your silence,” he said, pulling back his coat enough so that she saw the brace of pistols at his right hip.
  • Then it was sold to a man who stepped in looking like a bum, without a coat on, soiled all over with oil.
  • Instead of a blanket, an adult’s coat was drawn up to his chin.
  • She unfastened her own cloak, scanning the hall for a coat closet or rack, and found the former tucked under the stair archway.
  • ’But she’s already up, and fetching her coat from the living room.
  • If she survived, she’d never again complain about the summer heat; never again take for granted her coat and hat and gloves and that stupid scarf Cassian had made her wear out of her apartment all those months earlier.
  • The sun put his fire and strength and power into a coat of burning mail.

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