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  • personal computer
  • PC
  • laptop
  • netbook
  • ultraportable
  • desktop
  • terminal
  • mainframe
  • Internet appliance
  • puter

інші переклади

  • комп'ютер computer
  • компутор computer
  • лічильник counter meter computer calculator indicator numerator
  • обчислювальна техніка computer
  • обчислювач calculator computer numerator


  • Joy logs out of her computer and collects her purse and shoulder bag.
  • She knew how to use a gun and could run five miles in forty minutes, but mainly she could use a computer and keep a lot of other people running in the right direction.
  • One of the white coats disengages from a computer and comes my way: an older woman with orange-rimmed glasses, bright, probably meant to be fun, but they give her a fierce and owlish look.
  • She worked in computer programming although she said her heart belonged to other pursuits, like knitting, drawing, making things.
  • He used her computer to send up a request for the two prisoners to report to the nurse’s office, then waved Raheem inside and left, closing the door behind him as he walked off whistling down the hall.

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