перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • evening meal
  • supper
  • main meal
  • lunch
  • midday meal
  • feast
  • banquet
  • dinner party
  • spread
  • din-din
  • repast

інші переклади

  • обідати dinner dine have dinner
  • частувати обідом dinner dine
  • вечеря dinner supper
  • обід dinner rim hoop chow felloe circle
  • обідній dining dinner prandial


  • Even when eating your dinner or drinking your coffee the smell of oil was about you.
  • Maybe there’s some dinner coming.
  • ”She didn’t eat dinner with him.
  • You can tell me about your business ideas over dinner.
  • They’ve gone to dinner with Steve and his wife, Rachel, several times.
  • “Let go of the stones and bones, and then you and I can play,” Cassian said, letting her sense his heat and need, forcing himself to remember that taunting kiss at dinner and her promise to let him fuck her wherever he wished in the House; what it had done to him, how much he’d ached.
  • Perhaps triumphant wasn’t the right word, but the argument had ended with Azriel grudgingly agreeing not to spy on Briallyn for the time being—and brooding all through dinner.
  • “No dinner tonight?
  • “You got me thinking about what you said yesterday at dinner.
  • He then walked her back to the sorority house where she lived and asked her out to dinner.
  • “I’m almost done here, then I’ll get dinner started,” she says, elated with her progress.

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