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  • mistake
  • inaccuracy
  • miscalculation
  • blunder
  • oversight
  • fallacy
  • misconception
  • delusion
  • misprint
  • erratum
  • slip-up
  • boo-boo
  • goof

інші переклади

  • заблуд confusion error mistake losing one's way
  • недомисел misconception false thinking fault error slip
  • огріх error balk
  • помилка error mistake fault delusion fallacy failing
  • похибка error mistake fault oversight fluff
  • провина fault guilt blame transgression offense error
  • хиба flaw defect mistake error


  • A female colleague of mine told me that she called to speak to a friend recently and in error dialled the wrong telephone number.
  • This idea of perception of error of fact reopens the matters in the High Court?
  • In a way, Nolan makes a similar error of judgement, mistaking atmospheric darkness for thematic darkness.
  • Now, maybe you want to put it down as a mistake or an error or an oversight.
  • But a Cardinals batter reached on an error , and Curt Flood followed with a two-run home run to end the bid.

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