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  • thrilled
  • exhilarated
  • animated
  • enlivened
  • electrified
  • enraptured
  • intoxicated
  • feverish
  • adrenalized
  • enthusiastic
  • high
  • high as a kite
  • fired up
  • aflutter
  • psyched
  • thrill
  • exhilarate
  • animate
  • enliven
  • rouse
  • stir
  • stimulate
  • galvanize
  • electrify
  • inspirit
  • buck up
  • pep up
  • give someone a buzz
  • give someone a kick
  • give someone a charge

інші переклади

  • збуджений excited agitated overwrought hot irritated awakened
  • збуджуваний excited agitated flurried twittery
  • зворушений touched moved affected excited
  • піднесений elevated sublime exalted elated excited grand
  • схвильований excited agitated touched affected flurried perturbate


  • In excited atoms, energy radiated as photons eventually leaks into the vast interstellar spaces and redshifts away.
  • While the excited and enthusiastic student is very reinforcing to the teacher, the exact ingredients of motivation continue to be highly elusive.
  • However, this estimate does not include the dissipation of energy in the excited state due to solvation and vibrational cooling before dumping.
  • When excited atoms collide, the electrons produce increasingly more excited photons.
  • You don't want to lose that excited edge, but you should also be getting progressively more comfortable as dates go by.

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