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  • speedy
  • quick
  • swift
  • rapid
  • fast-moving
  • fast-paced
  • high-speed
  • turbo
  • sporty
  • accelerated
  • express
  • blistering
  • breakneck
  • pell-mell
  • hasty
  • hurried
  • nippy
  • zippy
  • blinding
  • supersonic
  • fleet
  • quickly
  • rapidly
  • swiftly
  • speedily
  • briskly
  • at speed
  • at full tilt
  • hastily
  • hurriedly
  • in a hurry
  • posthaste
  • pell-mell
  • like a shot
  • like a flash
  • on the double
  • at the speed of light
  • lickety-split
  • pretty damn quick
  • PDQ
  • nippily
  • like (greased) lightning
  • hell-bent for leather
  • like mad
  • like the wind
  • like a bat out of hell
  • at warp speed
  • apace
  • period of fasting
  • period of abstinence
  • hunger strike
  • diet
  • crash diet
  • eat nothing
  • abstain from food
  • refrain from eating
  • go without food
  • go hungry
  • starve oneself
  • go on a hunger strike
  • crash-diet

інші переклади

  • голодувати starve hunger famish fast clem
  • поститися fast
  • запор constipation obstruction astriction oppilation fast
  • піст fast fasting
  • засув bolt bar latch catch hasp fast
  • засувка shutter fast detent obex
  • вірно correctly faithfully aright justly fast
  • легковажно carelessly airily fast
  • міцно firmly strongly tightly sound fast deeply
  • наміць strongly firmly fast
  • скоро soon fast quickly shortly near early
  • хутко quick quickly swiftly bob fast
  • швидко quickly fast quick rapidly prompt promptly
  • споро fast quickly speedily
  • міцний sturdy strong solid lasting tough fast
  • наглий sudden unexpected abrupt fast urgent pressing
  • неточний inaccurate inexact imprecise incorrect careless fast
  • прудкий quick fast lively nimble-footed
  • стійкий resistant stable steady persistent durable fast
  • швидкий fast rapid quick prompt swift speedy
  • швидкохідний fast clipping galloping rakish
  • скорий fast quick near forthcoming
  • швидкісний fast express high-speed rapid clipping


  • Am I just different to the norm since I have never been a great lover of watching fast cars speeding around a piece of tarmac for an hour and a half?
  • He did well to finish on the predominantly flat fast course to finish in the top 70.
  • He has made a fast friend in the class, another little boy whom he adores.
  • I even went round to his house to apologise. We've been fast friends ever since.
  • Even for a fast learner, though, four months is an awfully short time to cram.

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