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  • moving forward
  • moving forward
  • moving ahead
  • onward
  • advancing
  • progressing
  • progressive
  • ahead
  • forwards
  • onward
  • onwards
  • on
  • further
  • send on
  • mail on
  • redirect
  • re-address
  • pass on

інші переклади

  • випроваджувати pack off despatch forward send expedite show out
  • допомагати help assist support aid promote forward
  • переправляти forward take across convey over put across pass over
  • виряджати fit out equip supply with despatch send forward
  • посилати send refer dispatch mail send for forward
  • прискорювати accelerate speed up speed expedite hasten forward
  • форвард forward
  • вперед forward frontward frontwards
  • надалі henceforth forward henceforward forth forwards
  • далі further on then farther below forward
  • наперед in advance forward beforehand on in the first place onward
  • кращий better preferable superior preferential forward
  • передній front forward anterior fore headmost
  • прогресивний progressive advanced forward
  • передовий advanced progressive leading forward foremost headmost
  • скоростиглий precocious early forward


  • I looked forward
  • Two slots one either side of the nose showed where the forward cannons were hidden.
  • But the main thrust of his speech was looking forward to the future of British farming.
  • He was in a forward defence line with eight other soldiers, five of whom lost their lives.
  • Anyhow, anything written by the three mentioned above should from this day forward be treated with suspicion, if not outright derision.

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