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  • without charge
  • free of charge
  • for nothing
  • complimentary
  • gratis
  • for free
  • on the house
  • loose
  • release
  • set free
  • let go
  • liberate
  • discharge
  • deliver
  • set loose
  • let loose
  • turn loose
  • untie
  • unchain
  • unfetter
  • unshackle
  • unleash
  • disenthrall
  • free people

інші переклади

  • визволити free liberate
  • визволювати free liberate
  • відпускати release dismiss free liberate deal loosen
  • звільняти dismiss exempt discharge release free liberate
  • визволяти liberate free
  • безкоштовно free for nothing
  • вільно free freely easily loosely fluently at ease
  • безплатно free gratis
  • даремно in vain for nothing vainly gratis uselessly free
  • безкоштовний free free of charge
  • вакантний vacant free unoccupied void
  • визвольний free
  • виметний free
  • вільний free loose open off broad disposable
  • добровільний voluntary freewill volunteer willing free spontaneous
  • незайнятий unemployed unoccupied vacant idle free not occupied
  • звільнений liberated released free acquitted disengaged emancipated
  • незалежний independent freelance free detached exempt autonomic
  • привільний open spacious free
  • франко free


  • When our government says basic education will be imparted free of cost it simply offers not to charge tuition fees.
  • Violet shrieked, desperately trying to wrench her arm free from his grasp.
  • His arm slipped free from its confines and he waved it to get someone's attention.
  • They could confess honestly and prove a political motive and walk free .
  • she held the child in one hand and opened the door with her free hand

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