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  • assistance
  • aid
  • a helping hand
  • support
  • succor
  • advice
  • guidance
  • benefit
  • use
  • advantage
  • service
  • comfort
  • a shot in the arm
  • assist
  • aid
  • lend a (helping) hand to
  • give assistance to
  • come to the aid of
  • be of service to
  • be of use to
  • do someone a favor
  • do someone a service
  • do someone a good turn
  • bail someone out
  • come to someone's/the rescue
  • give someone a leg up
  • get someone out of a tight spot
  • save someone's bacon
  • save someone's skin
  • SOS
  • mayday

інші переклади

  • допомагати help assist support aid promote avail
  • допомогти help assist aid support
  • обслуговувати serve service cater wait wait upon help
  • посилкувати aid help assist maintain
  • пригощати treat entertain feast help
  • сприяти promote facilitate help assist support favor
  • допомога help relief assistance aid helping facilitation
  • зарятунок help subsidy
  • підмога help aid assistance
  • працівник employee worker workman earner working man help
  • поміч help aid assistance
  • помічник assistant helper aide aid auxiliary help


  • All are protected and encouraged to seek help to make the necessary adjustments.
  • he couldn't help laughing
  • Jacob was an awesome help to me too, setting up my floor lamp and my bed, and moving furniture around.
  • For young people who need to hone their social skills, IM can be more a detour than a help .
  • The FBI has also been too reluctant in the past to accept help or advice from other security services.

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