перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • ask
  • summon
  • have someone over
  • request someone's company
  • request the pleasure of someone's company

інші переклади

  • запрошення invitation invite calling card engagement bid
  • визвати call out make come provoke invite defy
  • запрошувати invite ask call in bid indite book
  • ззивати call together invite summon
  • кликати call cry out invite shout exclaim
  • наволати call together invite
  • привертати attract draw predispose invite commend
  • просити ask request seek beg apply invite
  • скликати convene summon assemble convoke call together invite
  • схиляти persuade bend lower predispose dispose invite


  • They are questions which we would invite your Lordship to certify as questions of general public importance.
  • Perhaps we should invite those who criticise and abuse with little provocation?
  • Wood certainly does not intend to invite a dry, studious response.
  • Watt's paintings of antique fabric especially invite such a variety of responses.
  • By 1865, to paint the circle of Manet and Fantin was to invite more criticism for the group.

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