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повітряний змій

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  • літати fly kite beetle
  • ширяти hover soar plane kite poise
  • змій kite cerastes
  • паперовий змій kite
  • шуліка kite
  • повітряний змій kite
  • пробна куля overture kite


  • Despite one close call when it dropped so far that the line briefly got caught in the branches of a tree, I kept the kite airborne for the best part of half an hour.
  • Initially, they could not figure out if the bird was a kite or an eagle.
  • We managed to get a clear downwind start with the kite up.
  • They can glide with wings held level, and kite (soar on the wind without flapping wings) and hover in moderate winds.
  • When the inter-bank settlement system temporarily fails to clear transactions banks are effectively ‘bouncing or kiting checks’ to each other.

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