перекласти iнше слово або речення



  • rearmost
  • hindmost
  • endmost
  • at the end
  • at the back
  • furthest (back)
  • final
  • ultimate
  • at the end
  • at/in the rear
  • end
  • ending
  • finish
  • close
  • conclusion
  • finale
  • termination
  • continue
  • go on
  • carry on
  • keep on
  • keep going
  • proceed
  • stay
  • remain
  • persist

інші переклади

  • вистачати suffice last be sufficient
  • зберігатися remain keep survive last wear
  • перетривати endure last outlast hold out bear
  • тривати last continue go on proceed
  • вистояти stand withstand outstand outstay continue last
  • продовжуватися continue last go on be prolonged endure elongate
  • витримувати bear endure stand tolerate carry last
  • протягати stretch out reach out push through extend last linger
  • кінець end close last finish closing extremity
  • останній last
  • смерть death end decease last quietus bane
  • востаннє last finally
  • після всіх last
  • єдиний only single sole united one last
  • кінцевий terminal ending eventual last conclusive
  • минулий past last gone bygone former backward
  • найновіший new last neoteric latter-day
  • останній last latter final ultimate late bottom


  • she managed to last out until the end of the programme
  • The two youngsters then missed the last bus back to Corsham, and decided they would walk back.
  • The last she heard of him was a week ago, when a letter arrived at her Ayr home.
  • The last thing you want to do is to make a complacent audience feel more happy in their complacency.
  • There is also a fear that their children will be taken away from them which is the last thing anyone wants.

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