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last name


  • cognomen
  • surname
  • family name

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  • прізвище name surname last name nickname cognomen


  • ’ Then the last name seems to stick, and she doesn’t even bother to say no; she simply walks away from me, taking a random path across the grass and around the back of the church, stepping around the gravestones.
  • It’s why she didn’t want him to know her last name.
  • Only his last name was written in, with the number of his shack and his cot and the amount of money he had paid.
  • He really needs to stop checking her profile, wondering when her relationship status will change to married, when she’ll update her last name.
  • Maybe she kept her last name.
  • He’s already broken a couple of their deals—he knows her last name and didn’t keep what happened on the road, on the road.
  • “Believe it or not, I knew your last name from almost the moment we met.

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