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  • design
  • decoration
  • motif
  • marking
  • ornament
  • ornamentation
  • shape
  • influence
  • model
  • fashion
  • mold
  • style
  • determine
  • control

інші переклади

  • прикрашати візерунком pattern
  • виготовляти за зразком pattern
  • викрійка pattern
  • зразок sample template specimen example model pattern
  • модель model pattern type replica former sampler
  • модло model sample pattern
  • схема scheme diagram pattern chart schema layout
  • узор pattern design tracery weave
  • шаблон template pattern mold stencil sample jig


  • Just when Rel thought the garau could not possibly run faster, the patterns in the hides of modalman, garau and modalhound alike glowed with fierce light, shifting from a delicate blue to a steady, unvarying red.
  • He saw the garau’s six feet striking the floor in precise patterns.
  • The pair of them were sweating heavily, their clan marks flashed out sharp, staccato patterns that Rel read as unbridled aggression.
  • His clothes were as embellished as his room, a riot of differing patterns in grey and ivory, frogging, medals he had not won in battle, and a set of massive epaulettes.
  • The patterns crept up from the elder’s finger, and drew itself upon the new modalman’s body.
  • Sweat lathered their hides, its foam collecting in the deep patterns all over their bodies.
  • There were patterns woven among feathers of shimmering electrum, a pale coppery gold, but they were subtle and too far away for Liang to make them out.
  • The motions of the sea were pushed out of their usual patterns by the nearing Twin.
  • You see the patterns of course?
  • ” Shkarauthir’s clan patterns gleamed.
  • “Keep going,” Gwyn said, leagues ahead on her own bracelet and beginning to add pretty patterns within the rows.

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