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  • tack
  • safety pin
  • nail
  • staple
  • fastener
  • attach
  • fasten
  • affix
  • fix
  • tack
  • clip
  • join
  • secure

інші переклади

  • приколювати pin
  • приперти pin
  • притискувати press clasp pin
  • притиснути press pin clasp
  • проколювати pierce puncture prick spike prickle pin
  • брошка brooch broach pin
  • загвіздок pin bolt difficult point
  • шпилька pin preen wisecrack barb nip tenon
  • булавка pin
  • значок badge pin colors ensign ideograph ideogram
  • штифт pin pintle dag
  • клопиця rundle pin
  • канцелярська кнопка pin
  • прикіл peg pin
  • булавочний pin


  • The conjurings came after him, seeking to pin him against the wall.
  • Its jaw was open wide, its paws raised to smash into him, to tear at him with its giant claws, and pin him on his back where it could work him with its powerful bite.
  • “As much shit as y’all stay in, you’d think y’all would pin the damn registration to your collars.
  • Tolpoleznaen felled another, the belaying pin hidden in his sash appearing in his hands as if by magic, knocking his target cold with a single blow.
  • He would be exhausted once it was over, but as long as he didn’t let the entire group pin him down, he might survive.
  • The core was glimmer covered in thin silver, as in a normal bullet, the projectile impelled when the sliver jacket was struck and pierced by the iron firing pin.
  • ” A Guider bravely stood his ground, flinging out a dozen of the iron darts that the Guiders used to pin dangerous spirits.
  • I would not pin my hopes either way.
  • To pin her in place.

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