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  • detach
  • unfasten
  • pull out
  • take out
  • disconnect

інші переклади

  • видалити remove
  • забирати take away remove carry off
  • пересувати move remove shift shove up
  • усувати eliminate remove preclude depose displace abolish
  • видаляти remove discharge dismiss
  • знімати remove withdraw take off take down skim doff
  • скидати dump overthrow throw off throw down take off remove
  • виїжджати depart move out ride out get away set out remove
  • винести remove carry out raise bear away elevate promote
  • відстань distance length extent remove
  • клас class classroom school category remove nature
  • ступінь degree stage grade measure notch remove


  • North is the farthest remove from home, a place where Frankenstein's monster wanders mournfully, distant from all the known safe world.
  • And this poll was taken during that crucial cabinet meeting that decided it would remove him at some date and time to be specified.
  • Finally, make sure to clean brushes and foundation sponges weekly to remove makeup buildup and keep them fresh, soft, and supple.
  • Economic realities have helped to remove the old stigma associated with renting.
  • Like Theo, I participate in the mourning of the American repertory circuit from somewhat of a remove .

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