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роздрібна торгівля

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  • переповідати retell repeat paraphrase relate tell over retail
  • поширювати distribute spread extend circulate propagate retail
  • продаватися уроздріб retail
  • продавати уроздріб retail
  • роздрібний продаж retail
  • торговий агент retail
  • уроздріб retail
  • роздрібний retail


  • ‘They tend to locate in shopping centres and they have not taken retail warehousing space to date,’ said Miller.
  • Stumbling retail sales indicate consumers are losing faith in a rebound and are reining in spending - a possible precursor to slower home sales.
  • Some distributors opted to raise prices they charged retail customers rather than wait for payments.
  • Moreover, the drop in gasoline prices made June retail sales look softer than they really were.
  • Various laws, often imposed by the states, restrained price competition in retail trade.

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