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  • small
  • little
  • tiny
  • teeny
  • abruptly
  • suddenly
  • sharply
  • all of a sudden
  • all at once
  • unexpectedly
  • without warning
  • out of the blue
  • shortstop
  • short-circuit

інші переклади

  • короткий зміст short argument
  • скляночка bucket short cone
  • близько close about near short around nearly
  • коротко short briefly shortly in few in summary summarily
  • куцо shortly short
  • передчасно prematurely untimely too soon short
  • різко sharply abruptly harshly acutely roundly short
  • короткий short brief concise near recapitulative compendious
  • короткочасний short brief momentary flashy horary
  • малорослий dwarfish short bantam
  • куций short with short tail
  • недостатній insufficient poor deficient scarce short meager
  • неповний incomplete half short imperfect defective
  • низький low short base bass dirty niddering


  • ”Elain wrung her slender fingers, nails kept trimmed short for her work in the gardens.
  • Often they are short of ready cash, since the funds they have here in the republic are all taken up for drilling-expenses or for paying out options unexpectedly acquired.
  • A man stood in the entrance to the tunnels behind the hatchery, short for a slave, his once-pale skin tanned brown by years in the open sun but not night-black like the Taiytakei.
  • “A short hop.
  • The attackers carried a variety of short weapons that could easily be secreted as they moved throughout the city.
  • Another kind of six-legged creature walked obediently at the warrior’s side, head broad and short like that of a hunting dracon, but the snout was capped with a horny beak from which protruded glaring fangs.
  • He punched a fist into the chest of one of the short creatures and tried to shove it back to give himself and the other men room.
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  • On the top of the sand ridge that marked the edge of the desert Tsen saw a short line of tents.
  • I pull up to the metal pillar that houses the intercom and have a short conversation with a guy who sounds familiar, but I’m not certain that it’s Mike until I’m admitted and he comes out of the booth beside the beginning of the gravel drive to greet me.
  • Their feet were tied too, with ropes loose enough for walking but too short to run.

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