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  • approximately
  • or so
  • more or less
  • about
  • close to
  • just about
  • around
  • roughly

інші переклади

  • дехто some someone somebody
  • кілька some
  • неякийсь some one whoever
  • дещо something some any
  • деяка кількість some
  • котрий which who what some others any
  • котрий-небудь some any
  • котрийсь some someone somebody
  • дуже very really highly greatly very much some
  • кілька some something
  • ледве barely hardly scarcely narrowly but some
  • приблизно about approximately roughly some nearly something
  • трохи a little slightly some somewhat few trifle
  • чимало much quite a few plenty some a good few
  • деякі some
  • кілька several some
  • якийсь some one


  • Now that Viktor had some time to look around, he could see all kinds of people wrapped in the same blankets as he and Igor, taking refuge in this holy sanctuary.
  • We heard noises, but no one has come out… Could’ve been, well, some of the lads thought it was thunder.
  • He could tell a lot about people from the type of music they listened to, and Joy’s interest in some obscure-to-him sister group as old as his grandparents told him quite a bit about her and her relationship with her sister.
  • A truck he could only dream of having with his salary, and he despised the fact that some punk who probably never even finished high school was riding around in it.
  • There were plenty of those on the bottom level, too, some in shadow and meant to stay that way, some revealed by the streaming light reflecting off the river at the foot of the sloping lawn.
  • When I was running away I caught a glimpse of some tanks and fighter craft.
  • We are rather remote, there is little entertainment and I’m afraid you may be here for some time.
  • “She was letting off some steam.
  • With my pack, I keep some ointments.
  • He was working for some mining company.
  • But for some reason, Sam didn’t feel the same bloodlust that he had felt right after the man first appeared.

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