перекласти iнше слово або речення


  • dinner
  • evening meal
  • main meal
  • snack
  • mealtime
  • repast
  • refection

інші переклади

  • вечеря dinner supper
  • подавати вечерю supper
  • вечеряти supper sup have supper
  • повечеряти supper have supper


  • 4“Then one day, late in the afternoon, those in one group were sitting around their fire waiting for supper.
  • They’d eat anything that had a beating heart—deer, squirrel, or man—and preferred their supper while that heart still beat.
  • I shall take you, little beauty, and you shall be my bride before you are my supper.
  • One dinner and one supper?
  • It seemed that supper was about ready.
  • Sivan stopped at a house on the fringes and Tsen meekly ate his supper and went to bed.
  • Now what about my part of the supper?
  • “It is not quite so easy as you may think,” the chief said to don Manuel one evening when they were seated by the camp-fire for supper.
  • Hurriedly he drank the coffee left over from last night’s supper and ate the cold rice.
  • The hole ready, fire was laid in, and soon supper was ready.
  • He watched the three partners preparing supper and dealing the meal out on the plates.

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