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  • big
  • large
  • huge
  • towering
  • colossal
  • gigantic
  • giant
  • monstrous
  • leggy
  • long

інші переклади

  • високий high tall big elevated towering long
  • довгий long lengthy lasting great tall gaunt
  • заввишки tall high
  • перебільшений exaggerated overdone colored exaggerative hyperbolic tall
  • рослий tall bouncing


  • ”“Get yourself an ale while we shop,” advised Anne, pointing to a small stand with a cluster of tall tables and stools outside of it.
  • There came and went whites, blacks, browns, yellows, and reds; old and young, tall and short.
  • He prefers the thought of a tall strong soldier, or a nurse, or a fellow farm worker with ruddy cheeks and planted legs.
  • Through the dazzling light, Heffi saw something much bigger than the Tyn rise up; a being so tall it had to curl into a ball to fit within the room.
  • Pure white feathers rose behind her now, almost as tall and as broad as her outstretched arms.
  • ’Sivan pointed down the lee of the dune to a pillar of white stone, round and about as tall and as wide as a man.
  • The bows were nearly as tall as a grown woman.
  • They were girded for war, outfitted in gloriously made armour, three swords of light belted to their sides, and shields as tall as men upon their lower left arms.
  • Past it, the land stepped up unnaturally quickly into the soaring heights of the High Spine, mountains so tall the peaks brushed the underside of heaven and could not be seen from the ground.
  • So the claws were sheathed with leather, the mouth muzzled, and the tail’s movement restricted by a brake, a harness that ran lines through hoops to the rear of the tall saddle.
  • He snorted in disgust at the sight of the two tall black men standing before him.

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