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  • nether
  • down
  • lower
  • below
  • underneath
  • beneath
  • underwater
  • beneath
  • below
  • underneath

інші переклади

  • біля near at next by around under
  • за by on at per under according to
  • під under on below near beneath underneath
  • попід under near
  • у in at into on with under
  • далі further on then farther below under
  • нижче lower below under beneath hereafter underneath
  • униз down below downwards downhill downward under
  • під under underneath
  • унизу down below beneath underneath downstairs under
  • менший less smaller lesser under smallish
  • підлеглий subordinate subject under dependent adjective subservient
  • спідній lower bottom nether under
  • нижній lower bottom inferior base under underneath
  • тихий quiet silent still peaceful soft under


  • The concrete under his feet was dried out and riddled with cracks.
  • Patrons whose cots were in the middle of the hut laid their things on a broken chair or tied them to the under side of their cots with strings.
  • Even now, when the boy opened his eyes and began to recognize his surroundings and his father and mother, the onlookers acted as if under a spell.
  • He thanked them while Crazy rode on under the storm-dark.
  • ”Staggering under the weight of the youth, Rew trudged into Eastwatch in the pre-dawn gloom.
  • The space under his armpits shifted and changed with the growth of a second set of shoulders.
  • Muttering under his breath, the ranger moved to the edge of the trees and drew the two daggers from his boots.
  • If true, it is conjectured that these tunnels and caves interconnect under the expanse of the Empty Sands.
  • All that was left was a fine film of sweat-streaked black ash across her palm like the greasy soot she’d found in the gondola under the storm-dark.
  • She finished removing his clothes and then reached up under her skirt to remove her knickers, placing them on the bedside table.
  • 8The pack-train, accompanied by thirty-five men, of whom twenty were well armed, got under way.

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